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How lawyers can win more business – through the power of LIKE part 3/4


What have cars and bands got to do with attracting business for professionals?

This is all revealed below – PLUS  what YOU can learn from how US attorneys are revealing what they LIKE (in an appropriately professional way!)

Eugene & The Egg - trying to look like/sound like  those great British bands Echo & The Bunnymen and The Cure

Have you noticed business has changed from the days when clients would line up to see you? You have to work harder these days!

When I was a lawyer I thought it was undignified to go looking for business – but these days you can still encourage more business in an effective and yet dignified way. You can reach out and attract more business connections AND business through the power of LIKE.

I’ve recently been helping professionals (including lawyers) stand out from  their competitors and create extra bonds of connection with their potential clients.

I encourage lawyers…

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