This is an earlier post – yet still a good example to a law firm daring to be different to attract and appeal to a target audience – even a future potential audience who will be in a position to use the firm’s services in 5 years. Forward thinking!

Likeable Lawyer

Once again I am surprised by the social media engagement and real-world engagement of a progressive Australian law firm – Wilde Legal.

I do not work for the firm – yet I  have started a social media relationship.  The firm is in Newcastle. I live in Brisbane.

I do disclose that I have become a fan of the creativity and social media and marketing smarts of the firm.

I regularly “check in” on the firm’s very bold social media to see what interesting things its people are up to.

Festival de wilde

Most recently I saw this  striking image on the firm’s twitter and Facebook presence.

Festival de wilde

Prima facie – when I first saw  the image as a small photo on twitter and Facebook it reminded me of Lady Gaga or even the band The Empire of the Sun.  Very unusual for a law firm.

On closer inspection, I saw the image was…

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