How lawyers can win more business – through the power of LIKE part 2/4

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doubleshot media

How lawyers can win more business – through the power of LIKE

Do YOU think lawyers, doctors and other professionals “selling” their services is unprofessional and undignified?

Here’s how professionals can “sell”, win more clients, and boost their business in an effective yet dignified way.

This is part 2 of 4 on how  lawyers and professional services businesses can increase their LIKE-ability and boost business through daring to break from tradition and harness the power of LIKE.

My original post ended up being very long – so I’ve broken it down into more audience -friendly, bite-sized chunks. If you want to get all the tips in one hit – there is a link at the end of this post.

1. Put images of people LIKE the audience YOU want to attract prominently in your marketing material – including your website.

2. Think of what you have in common with…

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The childhood “game” that ignited the passion to become a lawyer

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Likeable Lawyer

I found it!

point of law

If found on the internet – the “game” that made me want to become a lawyer. Did YOU ever play this game?

It was a “game” called Point of Law  – where you read about cases (based on real-life cases)  then you had to say what you thought the outcome would be.

I hadn’t seen this image of the cover for decades. I’d forgotten the name of this game. I searched and searched the internet for law and legal board games until I found it – and the memories came flooding back!

The game was a gift from may parents. Maybe they were guiding me towards a career in law.

I would have been the first one on our family ever to go to law school – let alone become a lawyer.

I think I was pre-teen or in my early teens – and I remember…

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How lawyers can win more business – through the power of LIKE part 3/4

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doubleshot media

How lawyers can win more business – through the power of LIKE part 3/4


What have cars and bands got to do with attracting business for professionals?

This is all revealed below – PLUS  what YOU can learn from how US attorneys are revealing what they LIKE (in an appropriately professional way!)

Eugene & The Egg - trying to look like/sound like  those great British bands Echo & The Bunnymen and The Cure

Have you noticed business has changed from the days when clients would line up to see you? You have to work harder these days!

When I was a lawyer I thought it was undignified to go looking for business – but these days you can still encourage more business in an effective and yet dignified way. You can reach out and attract more business connections AND business through the power of LIKE.

I’ve recently been helping professionals (including lawyers) stand out from  their competitors and create extra bonds of connection with their potential clients.

I encourage lawyers…

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Tweak your business #twitter (Part 1/3) – make it about your audience

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doubleshot media

Tweak your tweets.

If you tweet for business you can tweet more effectively with purposeful tweaks.

If you want your audience to actually pay attention to your tweets and click though to any links – make your tweets audience-focussed rather than just about you or your business. How does your message relate to or possibly affect your audience?

As a lawyer turned journalist and social media writing trainer, I study business tweets – especially law firm tweets and I see so many missed opportunities.

TB training group

Law firm tweeters – it’s not that your tweets are bad – it’s just that they could be so much better with a greater awareness of:

Why you are tweeting this particular tweet?
What you want your readers to do?

Some of the main challenges I see with Business tweets:

1. They are focussed on the firm rather than the audience
2. They use wordy expressions…

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Why is a law firm creating striking Lady Gaga-like posters and screening the classic Aussie movie “The Castle”?

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This is an earlier post – yet still a good example to a law firm daring to be different to attract and appeal to a target audience – even a future potential audience who will be in a position to use the firm’s services in 5 years. Forward thinking!

Likeable Lawyer

Once again I am surprised by the social media engagement and real-world engagement of a progressive Australian law firm – Wilde Legal.

I do not work for the firm – yet I  have started a social media relationship.  The firm is in Newcastle. I live in Brisbane.

I do disclose that I have become a fan of the creativity and social media and marketing smarts of the firm.

I regularly “check in” on the firm’s very bold social media to see what interesting things its people are up to.

Festival de wilde

Most recently I saw this  striking image on the firm’s twitter and Facebook presence.

Festival de wilde

Prima facie – when I first saw  the image as a small photo on twitter and Facebook it reminded me of Lady Gaga or even the band The Empire of the Sun.  Very unusual for a law firm.

On closer inspection, I saw the image was…

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Legal Marketing – would you do this if your name was Justin Bieber?

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Likeable Lawyer

What would you do if you had a name shared by someone famous – someone who was/is the butt of many jokes?


On a recent trip to Philadelphia I saw this sign advertising a lawyer who had the name Justin Bieber.

It is a great example of different attitudes toward legal marketing and marketing in general.

From my experience living in the US, many Americans tend to be less shy and more entrepreneurial in wanting to stand out. There is so much competition and less of the British-style reserve of  people in Australia – and Canada and of course the UK.  There are still many reserved Americans – but in general there is a greater willingness to stand out and grasp attention however you can get it.

While I can understand that many Australians (especially Australian lawyers) would wince at using such an ad – I can also understand why…

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How to write better lawyer bios for your website. Don’t make the usual “lawyer mistake”

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Likeable Lawyer

Did you know that one of the most visited part of a law firm website is the bio section – especially when your “audience” is a general audience for areas such as family law or workers compensation or personal injury.

TB LL mosaic

Many lawyer bios are poorly written – because they are filled with what matters to the lawyer rather than what matters to the potential client.

What a client wants to find out fast is: can this lawyer help me with my problem NOW
2.what makes this lawyer different or “stand out” in this area
3. will this lawyer be easy to work with?
Here are 3 simple ways to make your bio more audience focussed:

1. Start with the present tense – what you do now – don’t tell chronologically starting with the past tense as lawyers often do

2. Get the audience into the bio – through the…

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