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My good friend Bono told me name that  dropping was bad form.

Or was it my good friend Bryan Ferry who told me.?


I don’t actually know Bono – but as you can see I have met Bryan Ferry –  briefly – long enough for a quick pic.  Many of my friends and business contacts (of a certain vintage) are impressed that I have a photo with Bryan.

The reason I share the photo is that I’ve noticed on LinkedIn that many people use profile shots of themselves with “more famous” people. I’ve tried to not reveal names – but to illustrate my point with these examples.

Exhibit A:


Exhibit B:

LWIM 1.jpg

I must say that I wanted to connect with this next fellow (Exhibit C) – and all  because  his profile pic got my attention. I too am a fan of rugby union. The LWIW (Look Who I’m With) technique

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