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Do you love fishing?   Do you love social media? Maybe you love both!

I don’t claim to be an exceptional fisherman – but I’m lucky to have mates who are very clever and effective  fishermen.

I just love the “experience of fishing”.  I don’t have to catch a fish to be happy.

Yet with social media and in particular legal marketing – I like to be more “purposeful” and strategic!

marlin fishing

(Instead of Salmon Fishing in the Yemen – this is Marlin Fishing in Mauritius)

I’ve been lucky to have  enjoyed Hemingway-esque marlin fishing adventures in Mauritius – for TV travel reporting assignments of course! This was work!

I’m not one of those wealthy, globe-trotting marlin fishermen!

Marlin fishing1

Most of all, I love to go out fishing in a river or a  creek –  or an estuary – in a “tinny” with my mates – and my son.

Fishing can…

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