Do you ever have those moments where you think you are ” oh so clever and creative”? You get that mental surge of satisfaction from being “creative”.

I’d been watching the movie The Lincoln Lawyer after a day helping legal clients in Australia with social media – including how to effectively use LinkedIN.


I woke up with what I thought was a brilliant business name – The LinkedIn Lawyer.

Anyway, I did an internet search and found a US lawyer/social media specialist already had claimed this name! – An Attorney from Boston. I imagine HE probably thought he was very clever when he came up with the name too!!

I admired this guy’s creativity and boldness to not go with a “safe and conservative name” I connected with him on social media and I follow and learn from his advice from helping clients in the US.

I found out we had lots “in common” – we liked similar music. – like The Smiths.

He had very “English” music tastes (for an American).

He was also into using his communication and legal skills to help good causes – like education in developing regions!

I liked his “attitude” and imagined that he was probably one of those “80s optimists” inspired by “We are The World”/ “Feed the World” etc.

linked in lawyer

Anyway, all this thinking about the benefits of a great name for social media inspired another idea – to explore as well as Social Media for The Law – also How the Law effects Social Media.

All sorts of “issues”

How do you claim a name? – with an Australian perspective

There are so many different social media platforms! – Is there an easy way to claim a name/identity across several platforms?

What if a great name is taken – but in a different “jurisdiction”? Blogs and social media is often international. Which laws apply?

What if you are not in competition – you service different markets?

So many questions!

I’ll consult my lawyer friends who are experts in Intellectual Property and Copyright.

Even though the great name The LinkedIn Lawyer was taken – I DID enjoy the brief euphoria in creatively finding the LINK between the movie/book AND the business of helping lawyers with social media!

Here’s a Link to the LinkedIn lawyer. I don’t “know” him – but though his social media presence – I feel like I KNOW him!

That’s the power of social media to connect with like-minded people.

Linked In Lawyer

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So, why do lawyers need to be likeable anyway?
Lawyers often get a bad rap ( perceived as dry, detached and dispassionate) – yet they can change their image and be more likeable. In these competitive times – to attract and retain clients, lawyers need to show more than just their legal expertise.

They need to create greater connections with existing and potential clients. Lawyers need to be more likeable. 1. by showing what they have in common with their audience ( how they are LIKE their audience). 2. by revealing just a bit of their human and private side – what things in life they LIKE. Lawyers in the US now list things (outside of work) that they LIKE and are passionate about. Social Media Savvy law firms are creating more shareable and likeable content.

Legal websites are more audience-focussed and dare to stand out from the old stodgy legal image.

So who is writing this?

TB LL mosaic

Hi, I’m Tony Biancotti. When I was a Solicitor of the Supreme Court of Queensland – I found the working as a lawyer too dull, so I “escaped” for an adventure-filled career as a TV reporter and Defence Correspondent – and even a political speechwriter and media adviser.

Since 2004 I’ve been an international presentation and writing coach and consultant helping leading Australian and global businesses. I use my media and social media skills to help professionals (including lawyers) communicate and persuade more effectively by “connecting” with their audience.