What would you do if you had a name shared by someone famous – someone who was/is the butt of many jokes?




On a recent trip to Philadelphia I saw this sign advertising a lawyer who had the name Justin Bieber.

It is a great example of different attitudes toward legal marketing and marketing in general.

From my experience living in the US, many Americans tend to be less shy and more entrepreneurial in wanting to stand out. There is so much competition and less of the British-style reserve of  people in Australia – and Canada and of course the UK.  There are still many reserved Americans – but in general there is a greater willingness to stand out and grasp attention however you can get it.

While I can understand that many Australians (especially Australian lawyers) would wince at using such an ad – I can also understand why this US lawyer has made the most of his name being shared by the more famous Justin Bieber.

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I’ve thought deeply about what I would do in such a situation. From my journalist background and understanding the power of media exposure – I’d dare to do what the US attorney did. Sure, fellow professionals may scoff – but in my opinion, you are trying to reach your target audience and with such exposure you would reach a very wide audience. You also need to consider your area of practice. From my, understanding this lawyer is a plaintiff lawyer – so his clients are “everyday” people bringing actions, not corporations defending actions.


You would need to work hard to establish and maintain credibility after gaining attention.



You can see his ads are aimed at people who ride the subway to work. People wouldn’t have to remember to write down contact details. They’d just have to remember to google Justin Bieber  + attorney. I wrote about the importance of  contact memorability in an earlier post.


For me, the media exposure would be far more valuable. Justin (the lawyer) has attracted many amusing articles – where I think he comes across well as a guy trying to make the most of his name. He jokes about the benefits as well as the burdens of his name.

The articles are well-written an amusing and worth reading. I’ve included a link at the end of this post.


I note with interest that a landscape gardener called James Brown – makes the use of his name – he even calls himself the Godfather of Soil


You would need to develop a thick skin. You would get lots of critics (as Justin had done) and I can imagine judges and colleagues making lots of jokes at his expense – but in my cost-benefit analysis the pain would be worth enduring for the greater profit.


That’s just my opinion. I’m keen to know your views. Please share in the comments below.


Here’s a link to an amusing article about Justin and how he presents himself in interviews.


Justin Bieber the lawyer – article

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