Are you making the most of your twitter profile?

Are you encouraging people to want to follow you – by describing what you do, what makes you different, and a bit about your interests?


Many lawyers don’t use their profile effectively – to describe more precisely how they can help – what they offer that’s different.

It’s often too general – lawyer or partner or just the law firm name.

And…very, very few lawyers dare to share any passions or interests that make them seem more human and interesting and likeable.

I hear some readers saying to themselves: How can you possibly achieve all that in a brief profile – 160 characters?

Check out how this Canadian Legal Marketing expert, Jordan Furlong, says so much in such little space.

jordan furlong

Jordan was a law student who loved to write and he perfected his writing style working as a legal journalist.

He understands lawyers AND how to write well!

Here are some easy-to-use twitter tips and twitter writing tricks that can help YOU improve the way you write for twitter.

You don’t have much space in your tweets or in how you describe yourself in your profile – so these little “Twicks” help.

Here’s what we all can borrow from Jordan’s style. (I’m not saying you have to do this! It can help if you also use twitter for business.)

Jordan Furlong
Forecasts legal market’s future ° Creates lawyer publishing strategies ° Reads CS Lewis ° Watches Doctor Who ° Listens to ’80s music ° Plays Settlers of Catan

1. Use verbs that end in S. Many twitter profiles say what people are – nouns

e.g. creator of on-line content strategy strategies or on-line content strategy creator

Jordan says what he does: he uses verbs – showing what he can do for you

Forecasts legal market’s future

Creates lawyer publishing strategies

In saying what is does, he also says “who is IS” = in his job sense.

Verbs are often shorter than nouns and verbs that end in –s are close to the shortest verbs of all.

The shortest verb is the imperative: Create Forecast (But you use these when you are telling someone else what to DO)

The verb creates (ending in s) is the shortest way to describe what YOU do.

You could say I create, I forecast – but you need to add the I and a space – and this style is YOU-focussed rather than suggesting what you can do for your audience.

Creates works better in my opinion.

These Twicks (Little twitter writing tricks) are vital important where you have little space! Journalists are used to having to write engaging and concise headlines


Developer – develops

Forecaster – forecasts

Sure, creator (noun) and creates (verb) are the same length, but in general verbs areshorter and more active.

Also, in business this style suggests what you can do for your audience!

“Nerdy” detail note:

Jordan writes in parallel structure – every “point” starts with an action verb – starting with S







Concise – AND with strong structure!

I reckon Jordan’s background as a legal journalist taught him these concise and active writing habits.

2.Even if you mainly use twitter professionally for business – add a dash of the personal – include your outside interests – things you are passionate about.

Interests help you stand out from other people who may offer the same thing. Interests also help you connect with people with similar interests.

To borrow from Guy Kawasaki’s idea:

“Showing your interests – can make you more interesting.”

In his great book Enchantment, Guy says people who show their passion/passions are more “enchanting”

After Jordan reveals his more serious business offerings/professional identity he reveals he likes:

80s music, C.S. Lewis, Doctor Who, and Settlers of Catan.

Now, I have no idea the last thing is – but I’m sure it’s relevant to Jordan’s main audience. Sounds like a Canadian folk band! I’ll have to research!

Anyway, here’s a summary of how YOU can improve your Twitter profile description – especially if you use twitter for business:

  1. study and learn from the twitter writing style of top people in your line of work – just as I did by studying Jordan’s example
  2.  consider using verbs that end with S to describe what you can do for your audience. In business people mainly need to know what you can DO for them.
  3. dare to share some of your private interests. This makes you more memorable and can help you connect with people with similar interests                                                                                                                       I have no business connection with Jordan – I’m just a big fan of his social media writing style. He’s in Canada – I’m in Australia – yet we “chat” on twitter.


IMPORTANT: This post does not create a consultant-client relationship with any reader. For legal marketing advice you can contact a legal marketing consultant in YOUR area – OR (if you are based in Australia or Singapore/South East Asia) you can engage me in a professional relationship.

OR you can just enjoy reading how other law firms are building business and developing relationships through their Legal Marketing. ENJOY!

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