Lawyers are usually lengthy and detailed with their communication. Billboards, by necessity, have to be brief – and memorable.

I’m a “legal marketing nerd” and recently I was very impressed the effectiveness by this sign I walked passed.


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Marketers for all different professional services can learn from this.


Here’s what impressed me.


  1. The strategic location and visibility  at busy cross roads. You can clearly notice the sign because of its “close to the corner”  location. If you are stopped at traffic lights you notice it even more. Outdoor Advertising specialists are experts at securing prime “visual real estate” likely to be seen by target audiences.
  2. Offering something more than competing firms. Many law firms offer No Win. No Fee.  This sign promised a “differentiating extra”: No Win, No Fee – No Problem. A short enough message to remember – yet with the appearance of something extra. In the US, firms carefully craft and protect their differentiating slogan.

3.Helping the audience – remember how to contact the firm. You need to understand what your audience is doing when they see or hear (e.g on the radio) your message. With billboards, your audience is passing by. If they are driving by, your audience is too busy to take down contact details. You have to have “contact details help” that can be taken in with a glance – and remembered later.


Instead of putting lots of contact information on the billboard – the message just says Google Gouldson. Now, it’s fortunate that those two words are memorable because of the sound of the words Google and Gouldson. I tested how easy it is to find on Google and even if I typed in Goldson or Goulson + lawyers, the Gouldson name still came up in my search  and I could find all the contact details I needed.

In my professional opinion,  the simplicity of the Google Gouldson wording  is very clever and effective . Once again, professional copywriters for billboards understand the need for brevity and memorability.


Sometimes clients think that if they have bought sign space, they should fill up every part of it with self-promoting information. As you can see from this sign, the restraint works well in helping the audience remember and be able to contact the firm.


I’m a “legal marketing nerd” and I even take photos when I am working or on vacation in the US. I’ll write more about marketing message memorability in part 2.



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OR you can just enjoy reading how other law firms are building business and developing relationships through their Legal Marketing. ENJOY!

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