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Do you have school-aged kids?

fireworks with kods

My two kids helped inspire this post.

We’ve just had a looooooong school vacation – and my wife and I have had to juggle kids with our work lives.

bar italia

I had take my son along for “work meetings” (re-scheduled) – where my son played on his tablet.

Luckily, the person I was meeting was a cool “creative” type who ended up playing some games with my son.

It actually turned out to be a bonding experience! We all ended up having gelato and coffee together!

My wife works in morning radio – and took our daughter into her radio station one day.

This got me thinking about – the realities of modern life and business marketing and

how you can win more clients.

Lawyers and other professionals can win more clients by:

1. catering to the needs and “realities” of your clients e.g. school vacation…

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