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I’m to glad I listend to this 8 minute interview by one of my business consultant heroes – Peter Bregman from the US.

Usually 8 minutes is a lot of my time – but hey, I’m on vacation – so I’m taking more time and being more “relaxed”.

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Vacation (or Christmas holiday time as we call it in Australia) – is a great time where often Australian business “shuts down”. The people who usually send you e-mails and requests for action are taking a break – so YOU get a bit of a break.

What most people dread is coming back from holiday/vacation and getting overwhelmed by work – especially e-mails.

Anyway, here are some tips in a radio interview from Peter Bregman.

I like his honesty that he is far from perfect and that e-mail is HIS kryptonite.

He talks about avoiding getting overwhelmed by Other People’s Priorities (Desires)

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