Likeable Lawyer

Do you check out people’s twitter profiles – before you think about following them?

Twitter profile writing is an art – as is writing your description for Linked In!

Too many people write boring profiles!

This morning I found one of the most creative profiles I’ve ever seen – and I “study” a lot of them.


It was by a lawyer  who dared to share about the part of her life of making lunches and Dora (the Explorer).

The “Dora” part really connected with my “softer”, parent  side.

My daughter put Dora stickers all over my work diary and even my “cool” guitar case. I left them there – even though she’s moved on from Dora to Barbie!

dora stickers on diary

dora stickers on guitar case

Being a lawyer is only part of what this criminal lawyer, Martine,  does during a day.

I’ll share it with you  her profile (uninterrupted)  – then I’ll repeat it with…

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