This 8 minutes will help you avoid #e-mail #anxiety at the start of your work year

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doubleshot media

I’m to glad I listend to this 8 minute interview by one of my business consultant heroes – Peter Bregman from the US.

Usually 8 minutes is a lot of my time – but hey, I’m on vacation – so I’m taking more time and being more “relaxed”.

family and cool falcon

Vacation (or Christmas holiday time as we call it in Australia) – is a great time where often Australian business “shuts down”. The people who usually send you e-mails and requests for action are taking a break – so YOU get a bit of a break.

What most people dread is coming back from holiday/vacation and getting overwhelmed by work – especially e-mails.

Anyway, here are some tips in a radio interview from Peter Bregman.

I like his honesty that he is far from perfect and that e-mail is HIS kryptonite.

He talks about avoiding getting overwhelmed by Other People’s Priorities (Desires)

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What “extra” can your law firm offer – to win more business

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Likeable Lawyer

Do you have school-aged kids?

fireworks with kods

My two kids helped inspire this post.

We’ve just had a looooooong school vacation – and my wife and I have had to juggle kids with our work lives.

bar italia

I had take my son along for “work meetings” (re-scheduled) – where my son played on his tablet.

Luckily, the person I was meeting was a cool “creative” type who ended up playing some games with my son.

It actually turned out to be a bonding experience! We all ended up having gelato and coffee together!

My wife works in morning radio – and took our daughter into her radio station one day.

This got me thinking about – the realities of modern life and business marketing and

how you can win more clients.

Lawyers and other professionals can win more clients by:

1. catering to the needs and “realities” of your clients e.g. school vacation…

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I’d never even heard of this law firm – until this made a very good impression

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Likeable Lawyer

If you specialise in a particular area of law – you can learn a lot from this example of increasing your awareness to your target market.

I was driving to band practice and I stopped at some lights.  That’s when I noticed a cool car in front of me. It was the “lines” and the red and black and white paint job  that attracted my eye – then I noticed a sign on the back of  car – for a law firm!

wiseman lawyers

I thought  – what a great way to get your message out to your audience and to establish a point of difference!

This guy is a lawyer who likes cars like I like cars.  He dares to be different. I’d never heard of this firm before until the car and the sign was brought before my eyes.

I then wanted to find out more – so I searched…

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One of the best twitter profiles I have ever read – and it’s by a lawyer who dares to share!

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Likeable Lawyer

Do you check out people’s twitter profiles – before you think about following them?

Twitter profile writing is an art – as is writing your description for Linked In!

Too many people write boring profiles!

This morning I found one of the most creative profiles I’ve ever seen – and I “study” a lot of them.


It was by a lawyer  who dared to share about the part of her life of making lunches and Dora (the Explorer).

The “Dora” part really connected with my “softer”, parent  side.

My daughter put Dora stickers all over my work diary and even my “cool” guitar case. I left them there – even though she’s moved on from Dora to Barbie!

dora stickers on diary

dora stickers on guitar case

Being a lawyer is only part of what this criminal lawyer, Martine,  does during a day.

I’ll share it with you  her profile (uninterrupted)  – then I’ll repeat it with…

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Legal Marketers: 3 more tips on how to engage on twitter like Chris Brogan

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Likeable Lawyer

We can all make our tweets more engaging by learning from  Chris Brogan‘s very “human” tweeting style.


This post is a deeper reflection on an earlier post about Chris’s engaging style.

Chris Brogan’s Cool and Scary twitter style

That post was inspired by THIS tweet from Chris:

Chris Brogan ‏‪@chrisbrogan 

5 is cool, 8 is scary. Which ones do you like? – ‪ 

The tweet caught my attention because:

1.  it promised both cool AND scary.

2.I was curious to see what he was talking about – Chris is often suitably, intriguingly vague in his tweets (in a good, engaging way!)

3. When I analyse my main motivation – it was: I wanted to see what Chris found scary.

CD owner magazine

3 more tips you can use

I thought more about what makes Chris’s style so engaging. As a writing  coach and word nerd –  I love to study the…

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