Quick business lesson – how to contact/be contacted

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Here are 3 important communication lessons for you about being aware of different communication methods – and daring to “educate” people about the best way to contact you.

These days we have so many ways of contacting people or being contacted by other people – work e-mail, private e-mail/s, work phone, mobile phone, text, voice mail, Facebook, twitter, Linked In –  just to name a few.  Well, more than just a few!

I’ve learned from smart contacts of mine – to be clear in telling people the best way they can contact you.

I have a very smart and effective lawyer friend who firmly yet efficiently advised me to contact her mainly through her work e-mail. She said she only checks Facebook – once a month –  if she is lucky.

Not everyone likes to contact or be contacted the same way YOU do.

I also – used to only check Facebook about…

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How “The #Christmas Song” will help you improve your #writing

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It’s that time of year again. You are probably getting tired of hearing Christmas music – but THIS brilliant Christmas song can help you improve your writing and your marketing and your persuasion. These lyrics “get inside” you because they trigger sense memories that make you connect with the song and think “that is SO TRUE!”. Also appealing to the senses make the message memorable.

I encourage you to really study the lyrics (especially that first verse) that appeal to our sense of smell, the feel of the nipping cold, the sound of carols and the sight of people dressed up like Eskimos. Ladies and gentlemen of the jury, I rest my case for the power of these sensory lyrics!

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What’s your favourite Christmas lyric – or song?

I get tired of Christmas songs this time of year – yet I never tire of The Christmas Song.

You know… ” Chestnuts roasting on an open fire…”

Christmas sentiments have been said many times – many ways  – but this song really “gets inside me” and is so real because of the power of the sensory language – appealing to many senses.

nat Christmas song

I live in Australia where it’s summer at Christmas time – yet I fondly remember my North American December-January Winter “Christmas” experiences.

This song brings back those memories because the lyrics trigger sense memories – sight and smells and sounds and the feeling of cold.

Just look at how many sensory triggers are packed into the first verse.

The first verse leads with senses and leads with a line that is visual and warm and filled with smell (and…

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