Here’s an example of a great logo for a law firm. I’d never heard of this firm before until I drove past one of its offices – quickly saw the logo – and wanted to find out more.

Qld-lawgroup logo

When I analyse what made me want to find out more about this firm – it was wanting to find out what a rhino had to do with Queensland. Rhinos  are not native to Qld!

Even with a quick glimpse of seeing a map of Queensland and a rhino in the logo – I wanted to know:  Why the Rhino?

When I wanted to search for the firm on-line to find out more – the image of the map of Queensland and the word Queensland, helped me remember the name – was Qld law….something. Then when I search – I find Qld law group and I see the logo and I know I have found the place I am looking for!


The power of simplicity and memorabilty!

Anyway, I checked out the firm on-line and I was amused and impressed to see that whoever did the firm’s marketing and copy for the website seemed to anticipate people being curious.

There’s even an explanation: (and this is directly from the site)

Why the Rhino?

We’re thick-skinned, hard-headed, have a ton of muscle and we know our territory extremely well……. 
but if there’s no set path, we’re not afraid of charging through the undergrowth to break a new trail and making our own way….”

I’m not connected with the firm in any way. I can’t take any credit for the clever curiosity-evoking logo or website copy.

I just want to share this example with you of:

1. the power of a logo that can be taken in with a glimpse
2. the power of “disconnected”, out-of-place things that encourage people to want to find out how different things connect
3. the power of symbolism – like a rhino being forceful, hard-headed, and having lots of strength!

I’m also glad the firm explained that the “charging” was charging through the undergrowth rather than charging forcefully in legal fees 🙂

So to whoever designed the logo and the idea – bravo! Well played!


TB LL mosaic

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