How a “pinch of poetry” in your profile can make you sound more memorable and likeable

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You can learn a lot from studying what top tweeters do .

Study their articles crammed with tips – and also study how they write their own twitter and other social media profiles that tell us who they are and what they do.

Today I chose to follow a person – Nick Venezia from California –  because of the “poetry” and the “sound” of his profile.


Nick Venezia

I’m a real writing and word nerd.


As a political (and business) speechwriter, I love how the sound of words can make messages sound right and be more memorable.

Nick uses poetic devices such as alliteration and assonance (not perfect rhyme – but an “echo” of a vowel sound – e.g. gEEK and mEET)

Bling  your blog and make your Social web  Sexy (alliteration)

My favourite is:

The coolest geek you’ll ever meet (assonance)

That memorable line helps…

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