If you specialise in a particular area of law – you can learn a lot from this example of increasing your awareness to your target market.


I was driving to band practice and I stopped at some lights.  That’s when I noticed a cool car in front of me. It was the “lines” and the red and black and white paint job  that attracted my eye – then I noticed a sign on the back of  car – for a law firm!


wiseman lawyers

I thought  – what a great way to get your message out to your audience and to establish a point of difference!

This guy is a lawyer who likes cars like I like cars.  He dares to be different. I’d never heard of this firm before until the car and the sign was brought before my eyes.


I then wanted to find out more – so I searched for the firm on-line. I then saw photos of  the office – that  “echoed” that car paint job and reminded me of a car racing team. Same dramatic colour scheme.


Apparently this lawyer specialises in one area of law – helping you save your licence.


I’m usually a very cautious and “cruisey” driver – but I now know who to call if I need help.


So how can you get your name out in front of your audience?

Blokes check out cars. They can’t help themselves. Musicians check out musical equipment.

Maybe if you’re an entertainment lawyer who happens to be a drummer as well – you could get your logo emblazoned on the front of your kick drum. At least you’d be getting your message in front of your potential audience.

Plus, your audience would know you are a lawyer AND you share their interest in music and entertainment. I’m not an entertainment lawyer. Some may argue – I am NOT a drummer either 🙂 – but you get the idea. Dare to be different.

Egg Chardon's


Maybe, it’s the business part of me speaking – but two other words jump out in my mind – TAX DEDUCTION!!!


I imagine you’d be able to claim as a business expense deduction part of the cost of your “promotional props”.

MMMMMMM… I wonder if I can get and claim part of a cool set of wheels like the Wiseman’s lawyer car driver. 🙂



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Tony Biancotti helps lawyers communicate more effectively with everyday people. Tony is a former lawyer turned journalist, communication consultant, and legal marketing maverick.


He is an average drummer – but he’s good at helping businesses (especially professionals) drum up business by daring to be different!


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