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If you want to improve how you use Twitter for business – strategically reveal your interests.


This post follows hot on the heels of a post about how you can borrow the writing techniques of one of my social media writing heroes –  Justin Furlong (a Canadian Law Firm Social Media Expert).

In your twitter profile you don’t have much spaceyet Jordan  goes to the effort of  concisely including some of  his outside -of-work interests – 80s music, C.S. Lewis and something I’d never heard of until today – Settlers of Catan.

I thought it may have been some Canadian folk band – so I searched out what it was!

In the earlier post, I wrote that I suspected that this interest would be  strategically “of interest” to Jordan’s business audience. Heis an expert in strategy after all!

I’m sure it’s true that Jordan DOES like…

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