Likeable Lawyer

I am in no way suggesting you use this sort of ad. I’m just posting to let you know what some firms are doing.

LawFirmAd t and A

As you probably know – law is a crowded market with lots of firms offering similar services – plus lots of lawyers and law firms all “look the same” OR at least  look very similar.

Some firms decide to be bold and to try to stand out – and connect with targeted clients.

I help a whole range of industries stand out from their competitors – by going through a process of working out:

what else are they offering?


I am often inspired by old ads from the Mad Man era.


For example with this old ad for cling wrap – the product is also selling:

-freshness of food


-the approval of others

– happiness

LawFirmAd t and A

The above law ad is not just selling divorce –…

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