How to improve your business communications – one question at a time like a trial lawyer

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If you want your business communications to be clear and to avoid business blunders, you can learn a lot from the way good trial lawyers ask questions.

I’m a former litigator (Solicitor of the Supreme Court of Queensland) turned journalist and communication consultant.

TB LL mosaic

I was lucky to study journalism and law in the United State where I became a big fan of (and still study) US legal education. Yes, I’m still a legal education nerd!

This week I was studying US cross-examination techniques (as you do!) and how effective counsel ask one question at a time to advance the evidence.

You get confirmation of one fact at a time. If you mingle too many bits of information, a witness could say “NO” and you don’t know what part of the statement they are saying No to.

For example:

So, at 8 p.m. you and Bill travelled by train to the…

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Unusual Law firm “ads” – outstanding or outrageous?

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Likeable Lawyer

I am in no way suggesting you use this sort of ad. I’m just posting to let you know what some firms are doing.

LawFirmAd t and A

As you probably know – law is a crowded market with lots of firms offering similar services – plus lots of lawyers and law firms all “look the same” OR at least  look very similar.

Some firms decide to be bold and to try to stand out – and connect with targeted clients.

I help a whole range of industries stand out from their competitors – by going through a process of working out:

what else are they offering?


I am often inspired by old ads from the Mad Man era.


For example with this old ad for cling wrap – the product is also selling:

-freshness of food


-the approval of others

– happiness

LawFirmAd t and A

The above law ad is not just selling divorce –…

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How your law firm website can win you more clients

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doubleshot media

How your law firm website can win you more clients

How effective is your law firm website?

Is it out of date or does it use modern audience-engagement techniques?

Here are tips on how your law firm website can be more effective.

I’m not a web designer. I’m not touting for web designing business. I do help businesses improve the way they engage with (and as a result win more business) – so  I carefully analyse professional websites from around the world.

word nerd

I am real website “nerd” – and that “nerdiness” can help you. I know this stuff – I love this stuff! Not actually  technically creating the websites – but the strategies of engagement, the power of the words and images you use, and being audience-focussed!

As a lawyer turned journalist and business consultant, I am particularly interested in legal websites. The same principles outlined below, YOU…

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How US law firms harness the power of LIKE to win more business

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doubleshot media

How law firms in the US are harnessing the power of LIKE – attorneys revealing what they like.

I’m a big fan and avid reader of a US Law Firm Web Design business called Great Jakes.


I’m an Australian lawyer/journalist turned business communications consultant who studied Journalism and Law in the US.

This fantastic experience made me a big fan (and avid student) of how Lawyers do business in the US.

As you can see when you check out the above link, when the Great Jakes business designs web sites for lawyers they include a tab on what attorneys LIKE to do when”out of the office”.

This tab is of course after the site has established the attorney’s credibility and expertise.

You can see in further detail on the link below – how this legal expert reveals his passion for golf and his family and even what…

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How lawyers can win more business – through the power of LIKE Part 1/4

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doubleshot media

How lawyers can win more business – through the power of LIKE

This is part 1 of 4 on how professional services can increase their LIKEability and boost business through daring to break from tradition and harness the power of LIKE.

My original post ended up being very long – so I’ve broken it down into more audience -friendly, bite-sized chunks. If you want to get all the tips in one hit – there is a link at the end of this post.

1. Put images of people LIKE the audience YOU want to attract prominently in your marketing material – including your website.

2. Think of what you have in common with your audience members – how are you LIKE your audience?

3. Dare to share what you LIKE – things you are passionate about – especially if your audience is LIKEly to share that passion.


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