Likeable Lawyer

Lawyers often feel uneasy without the protection of disclaimers – yet it can be hard to mix serious disclaimers with friendly social media.

Social Media is supposed to be friendly and engaging and brief – the equivalent of a welcoming handshake and a warm smile – rather than a disclaimer’s frown and stern stance with one hand on the hip and another waving a finger of warning.

Disclaimers can come across as serious and are often wordy – written in dense legalese.

Look at the disclaimers often attached to e-mails!

Plus, who actually reads disclaimers?

I do – but more to study how writers can get a message across in an easy-going way for social media and websites and legal marketing.

My first example is: Legal Lad

Legal Lad

I love listening to Legal Lad‘s podcasts. He explains legal matters in an interesting and simplified way. He comes across as professional…

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