This COFF memory device can apply to lawyers too. Ask questions to prompt urgency to take action. Ask questions so you highlight the impact of a “problem” – how it’s hampering your client’s efficiency in other areas. Also emphasise the Fit of your solution.

doubleshot media

cough syrups

Are you finding that it’s getting more difficult to get clients to take action and buy what you have to offer?


As a corporate trainer I’m finding that many clients are so consumed with other “work issues” that training is a low priority.

I understand and respect this.

Many clients have reduced training budgets.

Even those with budget seem to be “holding back”. They need further prompting to make a commitment.

This sound familiar to you?

This morning I got a powerful business lesson – from a bottle of cough medicine.

empty bottle

I’ve been annoyed by a nagging cough and this morning when I went to take some cough medicine I’d run out.

Buying cough medicine wasn’t part of my plan for the day

I didn’t want to jump in the car and take the time go to buy some more cough medicine. (I wasn’t so sick I couldn’t drive!)


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