I am in no way suggesting you use this sort of ad. I’m just posting to let you know what some firms are doing.


LawFirmAd t and A

As you probably know – law is a crowded market with lots of firms offering similar services – plus lots of lawyers and law firms all “look the same” OR at least  look very similar.

Some firms decide to be bold and to try to stand out – and connect with targeted clients.

I help a whole range of industries stand out from their competitors – by going through a process of working out:

what else are they offering?



I am often inspired by old ads from the Mad Man era.





For example with this old ad for cling wrap – the product is also selling:

-freshness of food


-the approval of others

– happiness




LawFirmAd t and A


The above law ad is not just selling divorce – it’s promising….well you can see what it is promising.


An interesting point to note – the lawyers in the firm are women as you can read in this post from a US Law Marketing commentator.

It’s an interesting read.




Another “interestingly creative” divorce-themed device I saw was this: the divorce elevator. Talk about an elevator pitch!

divorce lift


Now the text in the photo is hard to read – even for lawyers used to fine print.


In essence, as the doors open the happy couple in the photo splits apart.

Then when people enter the elevator they see the sign for the divorce lawyer on the second floor.


What do you think? Outstanding or outrageous? Clever or kitsch?


Please share your views in the comments section below. Also, if you have seen any clever advertising for law or other professions please share this also.


Note: both the firms using the above devices seem to be small operations where the small number of owners/decision makers can dare to be bolder. I’ll have to research to see how the devices worked for the firms.

One thing every business can do is –  ask yourself:

“what else are you selling/promising?”




So, who is writing this?

Tony Biancotti helps lawyers communicate more effectively with everyday people.

Tony is a former lawyer turned journalist, communication consultant, and legal marketing maverick.

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