Likeable Lawyer


Don’t you love it when bloggers write about what you are interested in – in an informative and engaging and even entertaining way.

This post was inspired by a legal blog I read this afternoon.


A heading in a tweet first hooked my attention-  then I clicked through to the post at The IP Whiteboard from law firm King & Wood Mallesons.


The heading: LMFAO may be shufflin’ off to court for copyright infringement

My two kids are often shufflin’ to LMFAO – so I am well-acquainted with LMFAO song – and dance. My wife even partakes in shufflin’ with the kids!



I’m a former litigator who “escaped the law”” for what I considered to be a more exciting  and adventurous career as a journalist. More adventure – less money. These days, I’m back helping lawyers improve their social media and presenting. That’s why I’m a big legal website…

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