How to make your “dull” legal posts and presentations more interesting – Implications not just legislation

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Likeable Lawyer

You’re a smart person. You have the expertise.

You know your area of law – but you don’t know how to adapt your writing  for social media.

Writing for social media seems to “break the laws” of  detached and professional writing!

I can help.


When I was a lawyer, I wrote in a dull legal style – then I left law to be a reporter and trained to be an accredited war correspondent.


Not as much money as law – but more adventure and  travel and excitement.

These days as a “responsible family man”, I help lawyers and other professional write and present in a more interesting  and engaging style.

I can help you too.

If you want to make your blogs more interesting here are some simple and memorable tips.

These tips can also help you when you need to give a presentation to non-legal audiences.


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How to encourage your clients to get “off their arse” and to part with their money

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This COFF memory device can apply to lawyers too. Ask questions to prompt urgency to take action. Ask questions so you highlight the impact of a “problem” – how it’s hampering your client’s efficiency in other areas. Also emphasise the Fit of your solution.

doubleshot media

cough syrups

Are you finding that it’s getting more difficult to get clients to take action and buy what you have to offer?


As a corporate trainer I’m finding that many clients are so consumed with other “work issues” that training is a low priority.

I understand and respect this.

Many clients have reduced training budgets.

Even those with budget seem to be “holding back”. They need further prompting to make a commitment.

This sound familiar to you?

This morning I got a powerful business lesson – from a bottle of cough medicine.

empty bottle

I’ve been annoyed by a nagging cough and this morning when I went to take some cough medicine I’d run out.

Buying cough medicine wasn’t part of my plan for the day

I didn’t want to jump in the car and take the time go to buy some more cough medicine. (I wasn’t so sick I couldn’t drive!)


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#TwitterForLawyersTips:EngagingWord tricks!

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doubleshot media

As you’ve probably found out – writing for Law and writing for Twitter are totally different.

Legal types can face severe challenges when trying to write for social media.

I’ve started a series of tips on how lawyers can improve their writing style to adapt to social media – especially blogging and twitter.

This #TwitterForLawyersTips  post covers the importance of timing your tweets and the helpful ideas of harnessing:

1. feeding and reading times

2. the concept of the thinking when your audience is down by the on-line river – the social media stream – or the raging rapids of twitter

In future posts I’ll cover tips on how to overcome writing problems many lawyers face including, but not limited to:

1. Writing concisely – editing  tips – lawyers are notoriously “complete” and detailed and too passive and polysylabbic

2.Writing in a “real” and  human voice – lawyers are…

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The AAA formula for successful legal blogging – and the #LMFAO action

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Likeable Lawyer


Don’t you love it when bloggers write about what you are interested in – in an informative and engaging and even entertaining way.

This post was inspired by a legal blog I read this afternoon.


A heading in a tweet first hooked my attention-  then I clicked through to the post at The IP Whiteboard from law firm King & Wood Mallesons.


The heading: LMFAO may be shufflin’ off to court for copyright infringement

My two kids are often shufflin’ to LMFAO – so I am well-acquainted with LMFAO song – and dance. My wife even partakes in shufflin’ with the kids!



I’m a former litigator who “escaped the law”” for what I considered to be a more exciting  and adventurous career as a journalist. More adventure – less money. These days, I’m back helping lawyers improve their social media and presenting. That’s why I’m a big legal website…

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Why and when lawyers don’t need Social Media and Legal Marketing

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Likeable Lawyer

Why and when lawyers don’t need Social Media and Legal Marketing

Are you a lawyer who finds the world of legal marketing and social media daunting?

I understand and empathise. Being a former lawyer (who escaped the law for what I considered a more adventurous life) – I understand how lawyers think and the “barriers” for lawyers (and other detached professionals).

Getaway travel

(After “escaping” the law – this became my workplace as a TV reporter and Travel show producer – now as a family man I am more responsible and back working helping lawyers and other professionals) 

Why many lawyers don’t warm to social media

  1. In the business of “the billable hour” – you’d rather spend your time making money and doing billable work rather than investing your valuable time bothering to learn about a whole new area that may be foreign to you. It takes time to get your…

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Why it’s so important to claim good names for social media – LinkedIn Lawyer!

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Likeable Lawyer

Why it’s so important for YOU to claim a name for social media

Do you ever have those moments where you think you are ” oh so clever and creative”?

I’d been watching the movie The Lincoln Lawyer after a day helping legal clients in Australia with social media – including how to effectively use LinkedIN.


I woke up with what I thought was a brilliant business nameThe LinkedIn Lawyer.

Anyway, I did an internet search and found a US lawyer/social media specialist already had claimed this name! – An Attorney from Boston. I imagine HE probably thought he was very clever when he came up with the name too!!

I admired this guy’s creativity and boldness to not go with a “safe and conservative name” I  connected with him on social media and  I follow and learn from his advice from helping clients in the US.

I found…

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