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Are your blogs  and tweets getting read? Or are they getting ignored?

The positive side of being a word nerd

As a Legal Marketing and Social Media nerd, I “study” lots of law firm blogs and posts – and the tweets that often help “promote” them.

I know why many blogs and tweets get ignored –  because they are not personal or compelling enough.

They are written in a detached, dry and often too-detailed style – the style professionals are taught to write in.

But writing for Social Media is different!

Social Media is an “intimate” communication style – written for busy readers!

Even though you may be communicating to a potentially large audience – you need to “sound” as if you are “speaking” directly to an individual reader/follower.

You need to:

1. hook the attention of a reader

2. add that little extra “push” to get your reader to click on to any links you attach…

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