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You want to improve the effectiveness of your tweets.

You tweet your messages – but you feel like your messages are being ingnored.

You see no or little  evidence of retweets or engagement or increased followers or a rise in the visitors or views to your website or blog. 

This 3-part series will help you be more purposeful  and effective with your tweets with simple tips on how to Tweak you Tweets.

In Part 1, I shared how you can attract more attention and get more click-throughs to links – but emphasising YOUR AUDIENCE.

In this post (Part 2) – you’ll learn about how you can use fresh repeat tweets.

Now there are different views on the repeat tweet – this is my view.

TB radio reporter 4BK

(I use lots of  broadcast journalism writing techniques to help people tweak their tweets. Writing for radio bulletins every half hour…

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