Likeable Lawyer

Take a good look at your firm’s logo (if you have one).


What does your logo say about your firm?

I’m using logo is a loose sense. YOU can also think in terms of your visual branding – the colours, shapes, symbols and lettering you choose to represent your firm’s “image”.

Should law firms even care about logos?

Aren’t logos just for businesses trying to sell something?

It’s fitting that on this day remembering US graphic artist Saul Bass – that we focus just for a moment on the power of logos and visual branding. Saul Bass was hired to design logos for many major US organisations.


His commercial work was well loved by creative and artistic types and Saul was also hired to design artwork for scores of movie posters.

movie postersaulbass

Martin Scorsese hired him to design the credits for movies.

He was well loved and today social media is…

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