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#BetterBlogWritingTips: YIP-pie ki yay success formula for kick-ass blogging

Yippie Ki Yay

Now you may not think that Die Hard and Yippie Ki Yay can help law firms improve their blogs – but this memory device can help the bloggers for your firm turn your content into more engaging reach-out marketing and engagement tools!

If you were too busy working getting up your billable hours or studying in the law library and you never got to see any of the Die Hard movies – ask someone to explain the line Yippie Ki Yay to you!

Find out how how Yippie Ki Yay can help you…

If you want to write more exciting blogs (even business blogs that are usually so boring) I firmly recommend you use the YIP-ie kI yay formula – well the YIP part anyway!

The YIP memory device will help you make your blogs:

  1. more audience-focussed and engaging and

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