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Part of writing for twitter is about hooking attention and making your reader want to read further. Often the tweet encourages the reader to click through on a link that leads to a business website and/or blog.

Lawyers and many other professionals often love the specific and loathe the vague – yet often unspecific words such as THIS  compel the reader to find out what THIS is.

Many law firm tweets go unread because the writers don’t make the effort to hook attention.

Add THIS word to make your reader want to go deeper

Use This and These

US Social Media and Business Development expert and super-influential and popular tweeter Chris Brogan often uses THIS word.


THIS can create vagueness and curiosity that makes you want to go deeper to see what THIS is.

Chris Brogan ‏‪@chrisbrogan 
This lasted 3 scoops. ‪ 


Maybe I’m just a…

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