Likeable Lawyer

In part 1,  we looked at the daring visual branding of Australian law firm Gilbert +Tobin. How the + instead of the traditional ampersand &  conveyed modernity plus lots of other positive connotations (plus, positive, cross associations – religious, rescue etc).

In part 2, I’ll share why I think the logo of  HopgoodGanim is so distinctive and powerful  too.


Many law firms love the regularity of squares and rectangles. HopgoodGanim uses the power of the circle.

Shapes have their own “visual grammar” and different shapes evoke different feelings.

This is not just my opinion. There are scores of graphic design “authorities” on the subject.

I’ll link to a very good summary of the power of the circle. I encourage you to read the whole piece – here are some quick quotes.

“Circles protect, they endure, they restrict. They confine what’s within and keep things out. They…

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