Likeable Lawyer

If you want your business (whether it’s a law firm or not) to be more likeable on Facebook – you can learn a lot from the example of King & Wood  Mallesons. (KWM)


I am in no way connected with the firm. I use their Facebook presence as a good example for you to learn from – because in my professional opinion they dare to show a colourful and “more human” side of a law firm.

See what YOU think. Check it out AFTER  you’ve read what to look out for!

You may think they are too casual. I believe they are very progressive and whoever does their social media should be congratulated. Also the management seems to be giving the social media team a lot of freedom to include non-legal content like photos of food and even “silly” humorous posts.

hot cross buns

(the sort of stuff you’d see on a…

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