We can all make our tweets more engaging by learning from  Chris Brogan‘s very “human” tweeting style.


This post is a deeper reflection on an earlier post about Chris’s engaging style.

Chris Brogan’s Cool and Scary twitter style

That post was inspired by THIS tweet from Chris:

Chris Brogan ‏‪@chrisbrogan 

5 is cool, 8 is scary. Which ones do you like? – ‪http://ow.ly/sT3EB 

The tweet caught my attention because:

1.  it promised both cool AND scary.

2.I was curious to see what he was talking about – Chris is often suitably, intriguingly vague in his tweets (in a good, engaging way!)

3. When I analyse my main motivation – it was: I wanted to see what Chris found scary.

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3 more tips you can use

I thought more about what makes Chris’s style so engaging. As a writing  coach and word nerd –  I love to study the power of words people like Chris use.

word nerd CU

Here are 3 more reasons why we can learn from Chris to make our tweets more “human” and engaging.

1.The wording “5 is cool, 8 is scary.” shows Chris has bothered  to read the link he passes on.

Too many people, including me, tweet or RT  links without “value-adding” – adding something extra.

2. Chris further encourages  curiosity and engagement with the YOU angle – throwing it back to the reader to ask them what they think.

3. He RTs cool things. Chris does post things relating to his own projects – but he also posts even more posts with cool stuff unrelated to any of his interests.

As an avid follower of Chris, I know the things he posts are cool (well to me anyway)

To tweak MLK’s powerful words the content of our character  – we are judged my the character of our content.

Our own content and content we retweet.

I judge Chris by his content – and find his content: COOL!

See for yourself.

Click on the link in his tweet. It’s not “promoting” anything – and you’ll see what he means by 8 being scary.

What do you think?

Chris Brogan ‏‪@chrisbrogan 

5 is cool, 8 is scary. Which ones do you like? – ‪http://ow.ly/sT3EB 

So in summary, the 3 more tips:

1. Add value/comments to things your tweet or RT – show you’ve read it

2. Use the word YOU in your tweet. Even better when you add a question – like what do you think? or which ones do you like?

3, You are judged by the  character of your content – if you RT cool  as well as “business-ey” stuff, chances are followers will think you are cool as well as “business-ey”.


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