Don’t you love it when bloggers write about what you are interested in – in an informative and engaging and even entertaining way.

This post was inspired by a legal blog I read this afternoon.


A heading in a tweet first hooked my attention-  then I clicked through to the post at The IP Whiteboard from law firm King & Wood Mallesons.


The heading: LMFAO may be shufflin’ off to court for copyright infringement

My two kids are often shufflin’ to LMFAO – so I am well-acquainted with LMFAO song – and dance. My wife even partakes in shufflin’ with the kids!



I’m a former litigator who “escaped the law”” for what I considered to be a more exciting  and adventurous career as a journalist. More adventure – less money. These days, I’m back helping lawyers improve their social media and presenting. That’s why I’m a big legal website and legal blog “nerd”

Certain areas of law really interest me – especially entertainment law and IP.

The LMFAO post on the IP Whiteboard is a wonderful example of the AAA formula – that you can use too to make your business blogs more engaging and attract more readers.

AAA stands for





I’ll link to the full  LMFAO post at the end. When you read it look at the clever way the post:

1. uses an attention-grabbing Angle

It starts with a US case against high-profile group LMFAO.

The post then moves to discuss what would probably happen if Australian law applied.

2. starts with an “entertaining” Attitude.

The heading promises a fun approach (attitude) to the information.

What hooked me was the shufflin’ off to court words.

After the engaging  and lighter start – the piece takes on an “Authoritative” Attitude. It dials down the fun factor and “plays it straight”.

3. provides a detailed but not dull Analysis

I love a good analysis that answers the questions I’d like answers for – such as:

what factors will a court take into consideration in determining whether a song infringes copyright?

how “close” does a song have to be to infringe?

haven’t LMFAO added their own “spin” – by changing hustlin’ to shufflin’?

How would a  court determine damages?

What if the song actually boosted or re-ignited interest in the “original”work claiming to be infringed

What about copyright infringement Australian law?

What are the differences between US and Australian law?

Plus, the post was Engaging – You be the judge!

Another thing I really enjoyed about the post was linking to videos – so YOU – the reader – can JUDGE for yourself if you think the songs were similar.

Here’s the link to the  IP Whiteboard post – complete with videos.

This is proof legal blogs can be informative AND fun.

Well done! Congratulations to the writer,Emily Chung, and to the “editors” who allow a bit of freedom to “have some fun” with the writing style.

I secretly hope that in the US trial, the court hears in matter in the absence of the defendants – so a legal blogger can have the excuse to use the line:

Sorry for ex parte rocking!


Also, feel free to comment if you agree, disagree or want to add a caveat to this suggestion that legal blogs can be “fun” as well as informative – by following the AAA formula.



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