Do you have school-aged kids?

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My two kids helped inspire this post.

We’ve just had a looooooong school vacation – and my wife and I have had to juggle kids with our work lives.

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I had take my son along for “work meetings” (re-scheduled) – where my son played on his tablet.

Luckily, the person I was meeting was a cool “creative” type who ended up playing some games with my son.

It actually turned out to be a bonding experience! We all ended up having gelato and coffee together!

My wife works in morning radio – and took our daughter into her radio station one day.

This got me thinking about – the realities of modern life and business marketing and

how you can win more clients.

Lawyers and other professionals can win more clients by:

1. catering to the needs and “realities” of your clients e.g. school vacation, single-parent life (not that we are single parents!)

2. showing you understand

For example:

If I ran a suburban law practice with lots of family law – I would show on my website and marketing material that my firm was family friendly.

I’d set up a kids room or space with a variety of age-appropriate entertainment to keep the kids busy – if clients had to bring the kids along.

I understand that most people would prefer to NOT take their kids along to a lawyers office .

Even so, just by having a kids room you would show that you understood the realities of life and that you  went to the effort to do something EXTRA to help your clients.

How to hook more business – by having fishing magazines

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I always remember being very impressed by a womens clothing store – that has a comfy sofa for husbands with magazines about fishing and cars – for the men to read while they waited for their wives trying on clothes.

Hey, it was only a sofa and a few magazines – yet it created a very favourable impression.

This store:

1. understood what the shopping experience is like

2. showed it did something EXTRA

3. effectively “differentiated” itself from competition.

This  store would appeal to wives too – if they ever wanted to take their husbands along.

Another example:

House Call Attorneys

If I worked in a practice with lots of older clients or compensation work with injured clients – I’d offer a house call service to make it easier for my clients.

I wrote about this in a previous post.

I understand many firms can offer this “extra” service.

What impressed me about a US law group was the way they prominently “marketed” that they offered this service.

Once again, this extra – showed that the firm:

1. understood the challenges of the clients

2. showed it was prepared to do something “extra”

3. differentiated itself from other firms

Here’s a link if you are interested:

Lawyers who make house calls


As a former lawyer I understand that firms try to maintain a professional image.

To the idea of having a kids room – I can imagine partners saying (in a John Houseman “Paper Chase” voice):

“We are lawyers – not a child-minding centre”

I’m talking about firms that are looking for more business and that want to building lasting connections with clients – by offering something extra.

What are some more extras law firms could offer?

If you know any firms who cleverly offer something extra – please add in the comments section below.

Also, feel free to comment if you agree, disagree or want to add a caveat to this suggestion of winning more business by offering something extra.



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