What would you think if I wished you “Merry Christmas” today – January 20?

merry-christmas 2013

Maybe you’d think I was out of touch or  not up to date.

Behind the times!

A bit slow to get going?

But, take a moment to check: Is your law firm guilty of this?

You still have Merry Christmas messages displayed prominently  on your website or other social media.

Now I enjoy Christmas as much as anyone – but I also note how many businesses are quick to “move on” after Christmas has passed.

I’ve seen workers busily taking down Christmas decorations and even scraping “painted” Christmas Messages off windows.

I understand in the US, there is a big push to make festive messages broader than just Christmas to include other religions – but in Australia, the main messages I’ve seen are “Merry Christmas”.

I also understand many legal offices and other professions take a “Christmas break”.

I encourage you to:

1.remove last year’s Christmas messages as quickly as possible when you get back to work – or even

2.arrange for someone to attend to this matter in early January – even if the office is “closed”.


Maybe I’m making too big a thing of it.

Maybe I shouldn’t apply “best practices” from other industries to the often conservative legal industry.

As a legal website nerd – I’ve checked out some law firm websites (no names!) – and Merry Christmas is still  prominently on display.

Please share your views in the comments section below – about moving on from Festive Season messages.

merry-christmas 2013

I just think still having last year’s Christmas messages  looks “lazy” and “lagging” – especially in Social Media content.

Lots of people (in my circles)  use “Christmassy” images or put little Santa hats on their profile pics in the lead-up to Christmas.

That can be amusing. It can show a lighter, “joining in” side.

However, once Christmas is over – loose the Christmassy images – and the cut little Santa hats!

Move into 2014 – don’t look like you are still stuck at Christmas 2013!




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