You’re a smart person. You have the expertise.

You know your area of law – but you don’t know how to adapt your writing  for social media.

Writing for social media seems to “break the laws” of  detached and professional writing!

I can help.


When I was a lawyer, I wrote in a dull legal style – then I left law to be a reporter and trained to be an accredited war correspondent.


Not as much money as law – but more adventure and  travel and excitement.

These days as a “responsible family man”, I help lawyers and other professional write and present in a more interesting  and engaging style.

I can help you too.

If you want to make your blogs more interesting here are some simple and memorable tips.

These tips can also help you when you need to give a presentation to non-legal audiences.

1. Implications not just legislation

I use the implications meaning:  consequences, results, ramifications,repercussions, reverberations, effects, significance.

Yes, simple rhymes make your messages more memorable.

Simple, not-overdone rhymes sound good to a live audience in your presentations.

Simple, short  rhymes look and sound good in social media messages!

Rhymes look good to the eye and sound good to that voice inside your head “reading” the words out loud.

When you write – add space around your good, memorable lines.

When you speak/present – add space by pausing before and after delivering your line.

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The Law Society of NSW brought me in to help lawyers communicate more effectively with non-legal audiences – and with the media!

These days, proactive law firms arrange for their experts to speak to the media. The media is always looking for “good talent” – experts who can speak in simple terms and with audience-focussed angles.

In mock interviews I “tested” the lawyers. They spoke about the details of the legislation.

They knew their law – but for a non-legal audience they would appear too-detailed and dull and hard to follow.

I advised the lawyers to think:  Implications – not just legislation.

Not just what the laws are – but the implications are on the everyday, non-legal audience.

The audience isn’t interested in the intricacies of the legislation. That’s why they go see a lawyer.

The audience wants to know how the laws effect them.

Start with the implications – then, after you “hook” your audience with WHY THEY SHOULD CARE – you can list the most relevant points about the legislation.

I later got feedback that this technique worked well for the lawyers.

I understand lawyers like to be “complete” and i detailed – and in a deeper  lawyer-client relationship you can be complete.

Usually, social media messages and presentations are “first steps”  to engage your audience and to encourage a deeper lawyer-client relationship.

Then, you can go into the necessary detail.

TB training group

Remember, at the start:

Implications not just legislation

Implications BEFORE legislation

In a future post – anther tip:

Desire is never Dull.

This doesn’t rhyme – but it is memorable because it’s short and “sounds strong” because of the alliteration with the  repeated Ds.

When I worked as a speechwriter for the Shadow Attorney General of NSW, I’d often use “poetic devices” in the speeches. Not too much – just a dash!

That great speaker Martin Luther King Junior used  poetic devices such as alliteration.

”…judged not by the Colour of their sKin – but by the Content of their Character”

I put it to you – when it comes to presenting or writing for social media YOU are judged by the character of your content.

And you don’t want to be dull and boring!

Remember: Implications before legislation


Desire is never dull.



Tony Biancotti helps lawyers communicate more effectively with everyday people.

Tony is a former lawyer turned journalist, communication consultant, and legal marketing maverick.


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