Are your blogs  and tweets getting read? Or are they getting ignored?

The positive side of being a word nerd

As a Legal Marketing and Social Media nerd, I “study” lots of law firm blogs and posts – and the tweets that often help “promote” them.

I know why many blogs and tweets get ignored –  because they are not personal or compelling enough.

They are written in a detached, dry and often too-detailed style – the style professionals are taught to write in.

But writing for Social Media is different!

Social Media is an “intimate” communication style – written for busy readers!

Even though you may be communicating to a potentially large audience – you need to “sound” as if you are “speaking” directly to an individual reader/follower.

You need to:

1. hook the attention of a reader

2. add that little extra “push” to get your reader to click on to any links you attach – rather than have your reader rush off to read another tweet.

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When I help law firms and other “professions” improve the efficiency of their social media – I encourage them (and I encourage YOU) to

1. write in a more personal style – as if writing to an individual

2. stress a benefit or payoff – for a reader investing their time to read a message

3. add a little polite “push” to click on through

Here’s how one of my social media heroes Chris Brogan does it. 267 Thousand followers – and a great helpful and approachable style!


His tweets inspired this post! Click Here – it’ll be worth your effort and time! 🙂

What can you learn from Chris Brogan’s engaging social media style? This:




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So, why do lawyers need to be likeable anyway?

Lawyers often get a bad rap ( perceived as dry, detached and  dispassionate) – yet they can change their image and be more likeable. In these competitive times –  to attract and retain clients, lawyers need to show more than  just their legal expertise.

They need to create greater connections with existing and potential clients. Lawyers need to be more likeable. 1. by showing what they have in common with their audience ( how they are LIKE their audience). 2. by revealing just a bit of their human and private side – what things in life they LIKE. Lawyers in the US now list things (outside of work) that they LIKE and are passionate about. Social Media Savvy law firms are creating more shareable and likeable content.

Legal websites are more audience-focussed and dare to stand out from the old stodgy legal image.

Who is writing this?


Hi, I’m Tony Biancotti. When I was a Solicitor of the Supreme Court of Queensland – I found the working as a lawyer too dull, so I “escaped”  for an adventure-filled career as a TV reporter and Defence Correspondent – and even a political speechwriter and media adviser.


Since 2004 I’ve been an international presentation and writing coach and consultant helping leading Australian and global businesses. I use my media and social media skills to help professionals (including lawyers) communicate and persuade more effectively by “connecting” with their audience.