Once again I am surprised by the social media engagement and real-world engagement of a progressive Australian law firm – Wilde Legal.

I do not work for the firm – yet I  have started a social media relationship.  The firm is in Newcastle. I live in Brisbane.

I do disclose that I have become a fan of the creativity and social media and marketing smarts of the firm.

I regularly “check in” on the firm’s very bold social media to see what interesting things its people are up to.

Festival de wilde

Most recently I saw this  striking image on the firm’s twitter and Facebook presence.

Festival de wilde

Prima facie – when I first saw  the image as a small photo on twitter and Facebook it reminded me of Lady Gaga or even the band The Empire of the Sun.  Very unusual for a law firm.

On closer inspection, I saw the image was of a “poster” promoting a film screening of the classic Australian movie “The Castle” – a movie that spawned so many quoteable quotes:

– ahhh…the serenity

– this’ll go straight to the pool room

– tell ’em they’re dreaming

There are so many great characters in The Castle.

As a former lawyer, some of my favourite scenes were the courtroom scenes where the “bumbling” lawyer tries to convince a judge by talking about “the vibe” of the Constitution.

Anyway, I’m keen to find out more about things such as:

1. Why is a law firm  involved in starting its own screenings of films? – under the grand name (tongue in cheek in my opinion) – Festival De Wilde.

2. Who designed that striking poster? I wouldn’t be surprised if some of the firms own staff or creative clients were responsible for the poster. I reckon they should get some posters  framed so they can go straight to the pool room.

3. Will they be serving sponge cake at the screening (an in-joke from the movie!)

4. Who came up with the idea for the Festival?

5. Why choose The Castle?

I have my own theories – but I’m keen to find out from the firm. (My reasoning is: The Castle fits in with newCastle, it has a connection with lawyers, and the movie is so well-known and well-loved)

I will request further and better particulars!

the castle

Now I understand that few law firms can be as “creative” as this firm. I’m just sharing how legal marketing is changing.

Note that this firm is a boutique firm with a strong interest in IP. In my opinion the firm is cleverly targeting a young and creative client base  –  yet is also appealing to “middle” Australia with the choice of The Castle.

In my opinion, part of the strategy is also  internally focussed –  to also create an interesting creative environment that harnesses the skills of the creative staff – and to attract progressive staff for future placements.

Then again, I could be reading too much into it. Maybe they just like to have fun! I will ask.

Maybe they’ll say:

Tell him he’s dreamin’!



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