I found it!

point of law

I found on the internet – the “game” that made me want to become a lawyer. Did YOU ever play this game?

It was a “game” called Point of Law  – where you read about cases (based on real-life cases)  then you had to say what you thought the outcome would be.

I hadn’t seen this image of the cover for decades. I’d forgotten the name of this game. I searched and searched the internet for law and legal board games until I found it – and the memories came flooding back!

The game was a gift from my parents. Maybe they were guiding me towards a career in law.

I would have been the first one in our family ever to go to law school – let alone become a lawyer.

I think I was pre-teen or in my early teens – and I remember even at that age thinking the woman on the cover of the game was “pretty hot”!

I recalled that the “cases” were exciting –  and my “judgement” helped me get the right answers most of the time.

I’ll have to try to find that game or at least the case book that came with it. It’s probably packed away at my mum’s place somewhere.

point of law game

Anyway, I studied hard at  high school and got the grades to go to law school.

I studied hard my first two years and got good results – before getting pleasantly distracted by cars and guitars and girls.

Along the way, I found what I really wanted to do – to be a journalist and a writer and after getting admitted as a lawyer and later winning a scholarship to study in the US – I pursued my passion for journalism.

Now I’m back working with lawyers again – this time as a writer, writing trainer, engaging content creator and engagement consultant helping with legal marketing.

I encourage lawyers to try to tap into their passions and include these passions when they write or blog about their areas of expertise.

Law book

I’m a real “legal blog nerd” and I often study the blogs of different law firms and lawyers.

Recently I was so impressed with a lawyer who combines his professional expertise with his passions for travel and writing

His areas of expertise include Wills and Estates and Estate Planning.

This area of law can be dry and, to be honest, very gloomy to contemplate – yet his writing is full of life and appreciation for the good things in life – good food and wine and art and friends.

I will ask this lawyer’s permission – if I can share with you a few of his “techniques” on how he  weaves in messages about estate law into his stories about people and places and good times.

I suspect his success is due to raw talent and his love of writing rather than tactics. I’m an experienced writer – and yet I learn so much from studying his writing.

Anyway – how did we get from the Point of Law Game to legal blogging as part of Legal Marketing?

That’s right – passion!

point of law

The game ignited my passion to want to go to law school and become a lawyer.

Other passions swept me away from the law – and here I am back again helping lawyers build and sustain their businesses by daring to be more than just “suits” – by revealing their passions to connect with people.

I’ll have to ask this lawyer what made him want to become a lawyer – and if he ever played that great game Point of Law!



Tony Biancotti helps lawyers communicate more effectively with everyday people. Tony is a former lawyer turned journalist, communication consultant, and legal marketing maverick.

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