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I didn’t intend to write this post – but I was so impressed I had to share this example of very creative law firm staff “introductions”.

Every now and then I check in on the social media of a creative boutique Newcastle law firm – Wilde Legal.

I am not connected with the firm in any way  – other than being a regular “analyser” of the firm’s quirky, non-conventional approach to social media.

The firm  chooses to be  deliberately “unconventional” and has many creative clients and industry contacts.

In a previous post I wrote about the quirky use of stills images. This morning I was impressed by the staff introduction video.

What I saw today for the first time was a video where different firm members “introduce” and talk about other firm members – and it’s not just introducing the lawyers at the firm – but the whole team.

I saw the video on Facebook – and I imagine the video has been /will be  used on the firm’s other social media.

I’m a former TV reporter and producer and current corporate video producer and I know most “corporate videos” can be a wooden and dull – especially with “business” talent not used to being on camera.

TB today shoot

( My TV reporting days on TODAY show)

What impressed me was the casual and natural style –  and that’s hard to achieve!

Often “corporate” videos have really boring vision of people walking down the corridor of an office or maybe pretending to read a book or file or pretending to make a phone call. You know the type!

The delivery is often wooden and unnatural and nervous.

From my TV experience, I think what helped in the Wilde Legal video was:

1. the variety of locations and

2. that the talent seemed relaxed – busy “doing something else” – enjoying the photo shoot.

In my opinion only “boutique” firms with creative clients could get away with this unconventional style.

Still, other firms  could benefit from the  get out of the office “two shoots at once” and “talk about each other” techniques.


I think the shooting of the video during the photo shoot:

1. Helped catch the talent while they seemed (relatively) relaxed and concentrating on something else (the photo shoot)

2. Provided interesting non-legal, non-office backgrounds for the quick comments

3. Provided natural and relaxed “extra vision” for the video (in TV language – “overlay”)

4. In the case of  Naomi –  the administration officer got to show her other talents as a photographer. The firm seemed proud to promote her other talents.

5. Was time- and cost- effective!


I also noted that the order of people speaking and being spoken about was NOT in order of seniority.

Also, staff/lawyer bios are usually written in the more detached “third person”.

In my opinion having staff members talk about each other “warmed it up” – still getting across the virtues and skills of people – but in a more casual way. Sure, it’s technically still the third person – but on video it sounded more friendly.

Anyway, see what YOU think about the video.


To whoever produced the video – well done!

This video would have cost the law firm time and money  – however I think it was clever the way it was shot at the same time as the photo shoot.

I’m confident the video will get plenty of use on social media and portray the firm as having a creative, non-conventional  image.

If you’re interested here’s a previous post about the firm’s strategic use on quirky photos.

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