You want to improve the effectiveness of your tweets.

You tweet your messages – but you feel like your messages are being ingnored.

You see no or little  evidence of retweets or engagement or increased followers or a rise in the visitors or views to your website or blog. 

This 3-part series will help you be more purposeful  and effective with your tweets with simple tips on how to Tweak you Tweets.

In Part 1, I shared how you can attract more attention and get more click-throughs to links – but emphasising YOUR AUDIENCE.

In Part 2 – you can learn  how you can use fresh repeat tweets.

The positive side of being a word nerd

In this post (part 3) I’ll share some word nerd editing tricks to make your tweets sound more “active” and dynamic – and save space when you reach the end of your  tweet 140 character limit.

I’ll use the same example I’ve used in the “tweet tweak” in previous parts.

I understand that adding more words than you need can sound looser, more human and more conversational.

So, this tweet is not bad – I’m just sharing how, if you need to, you can reduce character count and make your writing more active.

We’re proud to be featured in @LawyersWeekly. Have a read on how we’re leading the way in flexible work arrangements 

1. verbs are more dynamic than nouns

2. You can often trim expressions containing TO BE

TB training group

If often train lawyers and engineers and other professionals to trim the fat from their writing.

Here’s a little trick one of my news editors showed me when I worked as a journalist.

TB radio reporter 4BK

Circle the BE words – is/are – and see if you can replace

to be featured       and we’re leading the way

Turn the weak verb Be + featured into the stronger verb FEATURE.

We’re proud to feature in…

(Sometimes you need some BE expressions – we (are) proud…. – but by circling the TO BE expressions you can see which ones you can get rid of! )


We’re leading the way – could be WE LEAD the way

Also, lawyers often use politely passive expressions containing:  have + a noun

Have a read sounds more polite that the more demanding (imperative) READ

We need to HAVE A CONVERSATION  or HAVE A DISCUSSION – sounds more polite than converse or talk of discuss.

Just be aware if you have a tendency to show a preference for the utilisation of passive NOUN expressions with  weaker VERBS

HAVE AN INSPECTION –  could be replaced with  INSPECT

MAKE A DECISION – could be replaced with DECIDE

Did you notice other opportunities to trim the weaker expressions?

Just be aware if you have a tendency to show a preference for the utilisation of  passive NOUN expressions with weaker VERBS.

Just be aware if you tend to prefer to use passive NOUN expressions with weaker VERBS.


Just be aware if you tend to use passive NOUN expressions with  weaker VERBS.

Trimming too much can make you sound too direct. More words can make you sound less direct and more modest.

I’m just showing how many words  and characters you can save – if you need to.  I deliberately used HERE’S to sound less pushy and commanding.


We’re proud to feature in @LawyersWeekly.  Here’s how we lead the way in flexible work arrangements 


We’re proud to be featured in @LawyersWeekly. Have a read on how we’re leading the way in flexible work arrangements 

Here are links to parts 1 and 2:

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