You want to improve the effectiveness of your tweets.

You tweet your messages – but you feel like your messages are being ingnored.

You see no or little  evidence of retweets or engagement or increased followers or a rise in the visitors or views to your website or blog. 

This 3-part series will help you be more purposeful  and effective with your tweets with simple tips on how to Tweak you Tweets.

In Part 1, I shared how you can attract more attention and get more click-throughs to links – but emphasising YOUR AUDIENCE.

In this post (Part 2) – you’ll learn about how you can use fresh repeat tweets.

Now there are different views on the repeat tweet – this is my view.

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(I use lots of  broadcast journalism writing techniques to help people tweak their tweets. Writing for radio bulletins every half hour is great training for having to find fresh angles!)

To best understand the concept of fresh repeat tweets – think of  how broadcast news bulletins ( e.g. regular radio broadcasts) often repeat he same story – but with tweaked fresh angles.

The stories get heard by fresh listeners at different times. Even people who have heard the earlier stories don’t hear the SAME story repeated. It’s basically the same content – but it sounds different because it has a fresh angle.

How a repeat tweet is different from a retweet

A repeat tweet or tweet repeat is where YOU repeat a tweet  to YOUR followers – compared to retweets – where someone else forwards your tweet to THEIR followers.

As I mentioned,  there are differing views on repeat tweets.

Some social media experts say do NOT repeat tweet because it annoys your followers.

My view: while I agree that too many repeat tweets can look “spammy” – I argue that you can have a limited number of repeat tweets if you:

1. freshen the angle

2. interperse other non-related tweets between the repeat tweets

3. allow time between the repeat tweets – some suggest 8 hours. In other cases you can repeat tweet on different days. It all depends on how “urgent” and timely your message is.

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I’m using a real example from the firm Tribly Misso.

In a previous post I wrote how impressed  I was with how the firm uses social media to boost its brand and connect with the everyday suburban audience – lots of personal injuries, workers comp and family law.

I am not in any way connected with the firm. I just regularly study their social media examples because I believe they do a great job.

Here’s an example of one of their  good tweets –  and how I think it can be tweaked to be better.

We’re proud to be featured in ‪@LawyersWeekly. Have a read on how we’re leading the way in flexible work arrangements ‪ 

This seems to be a non-urgent tweet – yet I would harness the timeliness of the article being “published”

So I’d recommend a tweet on this topic once a day for 3 days.

In my opinion – ion this case a once-only tweet is not enough and doesn’t harness the potential. I would want to make sure more people saw it and I’d want to tweet at different times of the day to reach people who are on twitter at different times.

Also, every time you repeat tweet (with a fresh angle) there is a good chance Lawyers Weekly has a valid reason to retweet to its broad audience.

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To me – the PURPOSE of this TWEET is:

1. to show that the firm is leading the way in flexible work arrangements

2. to encourage “readers” to click on the link to read the Lawyers Weekly article to see more detail on how the firm is leading the way and is family and female friendly

3. to encourage re-tweets from others such as Lawyers Weekly

Now from my perusal:  this tweet was tweeted only once. Maybe it was repeated from  earlier – but I didn’t see it.

Here’s how YOU can repeat tweet in an effective yet non-annoying way to maximize your “tweet reach”

1. Read the article  in the link and note different angles you can take – you can highlight  or circle or note down different points that you think are most relevant to your audience.

2. Freshen the angle for the repeat tweet.

So, let’s say I want to tweet the article 3 times – three different tweets could be:

Tweet 1. the existing tweet was tweaked in part 1 –

Workers with young families need flexibility. We understand & here’s how we proudly lead the way. @LawyersWeekly

Tweet 2. To be tweaked –  From the article: “We have a number of staff who are returning from having children and they’re working in all sorts of arrangements.” to

We’re proud to be  family friendly. See how we encourage flexible work arrangements for our  new mums returning to work. @LawyersWeekly

Tweet 3. To be tweaked  – From the article: “[Also], half our clients are female, so when we recruit we need to take that into account.”

Did you know more than half our staff are women? See how this helps when more than half our clients are women too.@LawyersWeekly

Of course you could write the tweets in many different ways – these examples are just to show the concept of  freshening a repeat tweet.

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I hope this encourages you to not be afraid to repeat a tweet – especially it it has an important link you’d like people to check out.

In part 3: I’ll look at some easy editing techniques to make the most of your twitter limit of  140 characters.

Here’s a link to part 1 if your missed it:

That’s another good tip if you write blog posts – a short series ( e.g 3 parts)  is a great way to “remind” people of previous posts if they missed them! And to lookout for future parts of the series.

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If this post and the message of tweaking your tweets makes  good business sense to you, I’ve developed short sessions  specifically on writing for social media – full of great tips on how to make your business tweets more purposeful.

I mainly work with law firms – and I can help other businesses too.

I offer 2-hour sessions and lunch-time 45 minute sessions too.

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As a former lawyer – I used to write in the detached, wordy firm-focussed style. After “escaping” to journalism I was lucky to have wonderful, tough old editors teach me how to write in a short, engaging and audience-focussed style. I’ve got plenty of great writing and editing and headline and “angle” tips to share.

If you want to see what else  Trilby Misso does so well in  leading the way and connecting with its audience – here’s a link to an earlier post


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