Do you love fishing?   Do you love social media? Maybe you love both!

I don’t claim to be an exceptional fisherman – but I’m lucky to have mates who are very clever and effective  fishermen.

I just love the “experience of fishing”.  I don’t have to catch a fish to be happy.

Yet with social media and in particular legal marketing – I like to be more “purposeful” and strategic!

marlin fishing

(Instead of Salmon Fishing in the Yemen – this is Marlin Fishing in Mauritius)

I’ve been lucky to have  enjoyed Hemingway-esque marlin fishing adventures in Mauritius – for TV travel reporting assignments of course! This was work!

I’m not one of those wealthy, globe-trotting marlin fishermen!

Marlin fishing1

Most of all, I love to go out fishing in a river or a  creek –  or an estuary – in a “tinny” with my mates – and my son.

Fishing can teach us all important lessons for business – for sales and social media.

Skilled fishermen like my fishing mates “think like a fish” and  know where the fish will be.

They consider:

1. What sort of fish do I want to attract?

2. What sort of bait is likely to attract these fish?

3. Where will the fish be now (at this time of day)?

4. When will these fish be feeding?

How you can apply Fishing wisdom to social media

With so much social media, law firms and other businesses often just send out  posts “blindly” – like fisher-people just  “casting blindly”  and throwing lines anywhere in the water – hoping something that they can’t see  – will “bite”.

With your social media “casts” (posts) and timing –  I encourage you to think:

1. What sort of client do you want to attract?

2. What sort of content is likely to attract the attention of these particular clients?

3. Where will these clients “be” at different times?

4. When will these clients be on the line – I mean on-line viewing their social media?

A great mate of mine took me and my son fishing in his “tinnie” (small metal boat)  for a very special life event – when a boy catches his first fish!

O fishing 1

My mate just knew where to be and when was the best time to catch the fish – and what bait to use.

He waited till the day warmed up and we headed for the shadows (under a bridge) – where the lazy fish would be keeping out of the sun.

The fish would be hungry.

And sure enough, within minutes of heading to where my mate “knew” the fish would be –  both my son and I caught a fish each within seconds of each other.

O fishing 2

When it comes to “hooking the attention” of a desired audience with your social media – I recommend that YOU be more strategic in your timing and more knowledgeable about your environment and your target audience habits and tastes.

What I find from experience is that people often “feed” –  access social media at certain times.

Often on their work computers at lunch and morning and afternoon tea/coffee break times.

Also – when they first arrive at the office.

Also – many commuters who use public transport – access Facebook and Twitter during commuting times.

I have different important target audiences in Australia, as well as Asia, The Middle EastEurope and the UK, as well as the US.

I have a big world clock – and try to keep aware of what my audience is likely to be doing at certain times – waking up, having breakfast, going to work, lunch, going home, unwinding etc.

I’m not a great fisherman – but I am getting quite strategic with social media and thinking like my audience.

If you’d like help in being more purposeful with your social media, I’d love to help.

I can help you work out where your target audience is likely to be and when they are feeding and what content can best attract their attention. It’s better than just casting without a clue!


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