Legal marketing:How YOU can adapt the SorryMateUK example to attract the clients YOU want to work with

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Legal Marketing: How YOU can adapt the Sorry Mate UK example.

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Mod Vespa

Here are tips on now YOU can use social media to connect with your potential audience.

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Sorry Mate  is, in my opinion, a very clever and engaging law business in the UK that specialises in helping bikers and cyclists who have been injured in accidents. My legal marketing  spider senses tell me the interest in motorbikes is real and sincere. It is also very strategic for connecting with a niche market requiring legal services.

Sorry Mate

Here’s a link to the post. It’ll help to quickly check it out then come back to THIS post about how you can adapt the same strategy to target a market you want to appeal to.

Right now I’m very satisfied with my current career as an international communication consultant. I used to be a lawyer but as a young man I wanted more adventure and travel and excitement and  pursued a career  in media.

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(I don’t need the cane any more – that was after a torn achilles injury)

If I was starting out again as a young lawyer in these exciting days of social media  – I would apply the Sorry Mate approach to do the kind of work I wanted to do – with the kind of clients I wanted to work with.

Mod Vespa

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I’m a massive fan of music including 60s Mod culture. In Sydney, where I lived up until recently, many smart professionals are riding scooters – so I would market myself as appealing to scooter riders and cyclists injured in accidents.

Mods badges

I’d brand my side with Mod and Scooter images and post Mod/scooter related content.

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I also love cycling too – so I’d post cycling content too.

My social media engagement strategy  would be to connect with like-minded people who could use my legal expertise (assuming I’d specialise in compensation and accident law). Then when these people needed help for other general legal matters, I could help out with other areas to.(Conveyancing, Wills, etc)


I am a big fan of a UK fashion store Atom Retro . Their business is fashion – bit the facebook site is full of very shareable content about the 60s, Mod, Scooter, culture. They think beyond what they actual business is – to the passions and interests of their audience. This helps create connection and this leads to better business relationships.


1. Think beyond the law

2. What are you passionate about?

3. Think of an audience with similar interests and passions

4. In what areas of their lives can your legal expertise help them?

5. Dare to share on you social media content about their passions and your passion or area of interest. What makes YOU different as a lawyer?

6. Create a loyal client base that likes to do business with you because you “understand them”  and have things in common – you like what they like, you are like them – you are a likeable lawyer!


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