Is this the coolest legal website in the world?

Is this some of the most shareable social media content?

Check it out and see what you can learn from this example – I sure learned a lot.

I know the law shouldn’t be about  about being cool and I know the word “cool” is only still cool with a more mature generation!

The main thing is – this website is very clever – and you can learn a lot about standing out from competitors and using social media for business to connect with the “market” you want to attract.

It’s also an inspiring example of how you can work in the area of law that interests you and attract clients who share your personal interests and passions!

The website and social media presence  impressed me  way beyond my expectations of what lawyers could do to engage with  their clients and have  their clients  help spread the word  about the legal  business offering.

sorry mate helmet




Sorry Mate is  one of the best I’ve seen when it comes to clever niche marketing – and demonstrates legal marketing branding and engagement techniques you can use too. Even  if YOU aren’t into motorbikes.

OK – What the heck is Sorry Mate. (Doesn’t sound like a legal firm to me!)


Sorry Mate


We are solicitors helping bikers & cyclists get compensation they deserve. Call 0800 6 300 301 if you’ve been in an accident on the road that wasn’t your fault.

This site for is for UK firm that specialises in  compensation law for bikers and cyclists.

I love the name – inspired by the words many bikers and cyclists  hear after an incident.

The firm is more specialised than large general pratices catering to a broader clientele –  so Sorry Mate can have  a more specific (and colourful) personality.

How YOU can  make your website more effective in engaging business 

This firm specialises in compensation for bikers and cyclists – and the same branding and marketing  and engagement principles can apply to other “interests/passions” other than bikes.

(Now I have absolutely no connection with this UK firm. I stumbled across this site by accident and was so impressed. I’m based in Australia and help legal firms – large and small –  improve the way they engage with the specific audiences they want to attract.)

I love the look of bikes (even though I’ve never owned one). I have however  as a TV reporter I had the privilege to “ride with” Willy G. Davidson (from Harley Davidson). I wished they’d given me a cooler black helmet to wear!

Will G

My brother and lots of my mates love their bikes. They are good at their jobs, many are “responsible family men” – but they get excited by bikes – even just the look of them – the lines, the curves, the promise of excitement.

Sorry mate – I’m getting a bit carried away there!

Back to business.

My point for you is:

People with a  passion for bikes is a big market to tap into.

With the bike enthusiasts I know, I  enjoy their company. They are “good blokes”.

In my consulting work also meet women who also love their bikes.

So many serious business people (especially adventurous entrepreneur types) love their bikes.

I repeat:  the “people with a  passion for bikes” market  is a big market to tap into. People with a passion for bikes like other people with a passion for bikes – even lawyers and other professionals.

Just check out the Sorry Mate web presence:

The site literally sees thinks from the point of view of the bike rider – the passion (and the pain)

Sorry Mate

What you can learn from the Sorry Mate example

1. The site targets its niche audience and establishes the firm as experts in this particular field (Once a particular audience comes to you for a specific need and finds you are good to work with – they are likely to engage you to deal with their other needs – contracts, wills, conveyancing etc. Judging by many of the expensive bikes on this site – some of the  of the  audience may be quite affluent business people as well as bike lovers)

2. The site projects the personal passion of some of the main lawyers and their connection to the niche area.

Target Audience members are more likely to want to do business with lawyers who are not only experts in the field but who also:

  • share the audience’s passion for the niche interest and
  •  seem to “understand” the audience better that more general lawyers.

3  The branding is very well designed and distinctive . I love the distinctive image. The red helmet (with a crack) doubles as the O letter in the name. The helmet logo is very recognizable and looks very distinctive in social media posts.

3.  The language of the site reflects the language of the audience. Even the name Sorry Mate is what biker riders often hear when they get hit.

4. The content updates are very sharable. I can imagine that bike riders share this content with their mates and so people know who to call if they have an accident.

This is one of the most impressive things for me – the way that the social media for Sorry Mate has so much sharable content. There are occassional updates about the law and safety – but most of the updates are about bikes and racing events.

I’m following Sorry Mate on both Twitter and Facebook.  You should check out both – to see what I mean about shareable content.

Getting updates (even fun stuff about bikes) keeps the firm top of mind with the audience that shares the same passion spread the firm name and increase its awareness.

In my opinion, what fuels this site and strategy is a  deep and sincere passion for bikes. The site and strategy is daring and rebellious – and that would appeal to the potential clients even the serious business clients.

Not all lawyers will be as lucky to be able to combine their professional expertise and their personal passions to the degree Sorry Mate does.

However, In part 2 I’ll share how lawyers CAN learn from the Sorry Mate example and combine another  passion with a clientele that has business needs and the ability to engage lawyers.

So to whoever came up with the Sorry Mate social media strategy – your example is inspiring!

I look forward to following you on Twitter and Facebook.  I like seeing that red helmet logo appear in my Twitter or Facebook Feed.  Thanks Mate!


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