If you want your business (whether it’s a law firm or not) to be more likeable on Facebook – you can learn a lot from the example of King & Wood  Mallesons. (KWM)


I am in no way connected with the firm. I use their Facebook presence as a good example for you to learn from – because in my professional opinion they dare to show a colourful and “more human” side of a law firm.

See what YOU think. Check it out AFTER  you’ve read what to look out for!



You may think they are too casual. I believe they are very progressive and whoever does their social media should be congratulated. Also the management seems to be giving the social media team a lot of freedom to include non-legal content like photos of food and even “silly” humorous posts.

hot cross buns

(the sort of stuff you’d see on a real person’s Facebook page – photos of food and lots of casual photos of people)

Law firms can be notoriously stodgy and detached and dispassionate. While professional detachment can be helpful with legal work – when it comes to using social media – law firms need to “loosen the tie” a bit!

Show the heart and the humour and the humanity  hidden beneath the business suits.

A more Human approach to business

human business way


One of my social media heroes Chris Brogan from the US has lots of great tips for people and businesses using social media to build relationships and boost business.

The Facebook page for King & Wood Mallesons illustrates Chris’s approach to adding the human touch to its business social media

1. Don’t just post about your own stuff – don’t be the me me me show.

Chris suggests the  principle –  sharing other people’s stuff 12 times more than your own content posts.

Share other people’s quality content.  Write about other people’s successes and virtues rather than just your own!

You can check his advice out further in a link at the end of this post – here are a couple of quick quotes.

Chris talks about “people” – it also applies to different businesses or organisations.

“The more you show people that you are going to talk about other people, that you’re going to promote the good stuff when you find it, the more that they have a rapport with you”

“They think of you as that person who shares good stuff. Then when you do have something of yours to share, they’re far more willing to look at it, open up, pay attention and give response to it because they know that you’re also sharing other people’s stuff and it’s not just the me, me, me show.” (Full transcript and link at the end of this post!)

Posting other content is easy on Facebook – it’s an effective platform for sharing all sorts of content – news articles, videos, photos, other blog posts!

The KWM Facebook page shares all sorts of content from other sources from interesting and useful and more serious newsy articles to light-hearted and amusing legally related content.

When the page posts about an achievement of the firm or legal content from people at the firm –  this doesn’t come across as just boasting and self serving.

2. Don’t make it all “business” – add some fun and humour too.  In his podcasts, Chris often uses effective, folksy comparisons. I’m paraphrasing and compressing – but he says when friends get together they spend some time just talking about everyday stuff, they crack a few jokes, the conversation sometimes goes in unexpected directions.

Lawyers can be funny. They like humour. They just fear humour eroding their professional image. In social media appropriate (non-offensive) humour works!

Harlem shake

(Here’s a post about workplace policy – related to people doing the Harlem Shake!)

KWM page has all sorts of quirky and amusing content – from articles about Lessons lawyers can learn from Rap and a law student parody of Maroon 5’s Payphone (I’m in a law school trying to get through…) I’ll link to the parody at the end of this post – it’s very good!

3. Harness the “appeal of the real” and “connection through imperfection”

I believe these are expressions I came up with to describe using real photos with imperfections rather than staged, perfectly lit “corporate” shots.

People are used to seeing less-than-perfect photos on Facebook and more casual photos have a “realness” about them.

Now, I’m not saying you can’t use professionally shot photos – just also don’t be afraid to use “real” less-than-perfect  shots.

The KWM site is not too fussy about always insisting on corporate shots – there are lots of casual, real photos from bowling days to their band winning a band competition.

law band photo

Not only did I admire and like the page, I’ve LIKED it and I look forward to following future posts and updates.

I’m guessing Chris Brogan would approve of their human approach. Chris is forever including his jokes in his social media. He sounds like he is having fun and enjoying what he is doing. The social media people at KWC project an element of fun in their social media too.

Some professionals think work and fun are mutually exclusive!

If you’re interested in finding out more about Chris’s Human approach, here’s a link:


I have no business connection with Chris – but I must admit I was very chuffed when he posted this about my style:

Chris Brogan tweet

(Now – you can’t accuse me of making this snap look “too professional” – it has a real “home-made”, imperfect, human feel about it!)

The  KWM content is useful to me and written in an engaging style. The people contributing the firm’s content seem professional (yet human and humorous) and not dry and dull like the common stereotype of lawyers. They sound colourful and different – true to the brand they want to project.

I must say however, despite the casual and human image, there is still some discipline.

No Grumpy Cat – yet!

So a summary of the tips for you to make your business Facebook page more “Likeable”

1.Don’t just post about your own stuff – don’t be the me me me show.

2. Don’t make it all “business” – add some fun and humour too.

3. Harness the “appeal of the real” and “connection through imperfection”

Oh, and here’s the link to that parody of Maroon 5!


KWM must have a team of people who search for amusing legally related content to share!

And here’s the link to the interview with Chris about Facebook and sharing other people’s content:



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